Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams

Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Black’s Farmwood provides the finest reclaimed old-growth Douglas-fir beams and timbers. Douglas-fir is an excellent material for structural use due to its ability to withstand high loads. Douglas fir was and still is widely used in the construction industry. Our reclaimed Douglas-fir beams and timbers have dense and tight growth rings that are rarely available in newly cut trees. We offer our Douglas-fir with several finishes. To raise the grain and make the color a more consistent golden brown, we wire brush the aged surface of the beams. If you want a naturally aged patina, we’ll leave the beams “as is”. If you want a bright sawn finish, we’ll resaw the timbers on all four faces (you’ll still have bolt holes, nail holes, associated mineral staining, and evidence of prior use).

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