Excerpt from “Kermit was Right: Remodeling Green”

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Excerpt from “Kermit was Right: Remodeling Green
By: Tom miller, The Marin Conservation League News, Spring, 2001

Project GreenwoodIt isn’t easy being green. Or so I quickly learned during my six-month rmodeling project, frustratingly dubbed “Project Greenwood.” my wife and I bough a textbook definition “fixer upper” in the Gerstle Park area of San Rafael in July of 2000, and I was determined to incorporate as many environmentally friendly materials as time, budget, and sanity would allow.

Our first project was the back deck. many resources abound in the Bay Area for eco-friendly lumber, ranging from timber harvested in a manner certified “sustainable” by the Forest Stewardship Council, to 100% reclaimed timbers from deconstructed structures or plucked from riverbeds. We chose reclaimed old growth Douglas fir that came from deconstructed military warehouses in Oakland. Since it is old growth, it is harder, more pest-resistant, and higher quality than what is found at the local Home Depot.

In pursuit of my goal to utilize 100% reclaimed wood inside and out, I came across Black’s Farmwood in San Rafael that supplies hardwood flooring and beams made from lumber reclaimed from deconstructed barns. Besides being eco-friendly and stunningly beautiful, when the conversation slows at our next dinner party, I can always jumpstart it with a tale about our Kentucky tobacco barn siding beech floors.