Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring

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Focus on Quality

We offer the highest quality in unfinished engineered wood flooring for both residential and commercial projects. Every floor we provide is custom milled to your specification.


What are Engineered Wood Floors?

Whether pre-finished or unfinished, our engineered wood flooring is constructed from multiple layers of plywood with a solid wood top. Below the top layer are cross sections of plywood that are tightly pressed to create strong, stable flooring.

Originally developed to float over concrete slabs, newer, thicker versions can now be nailed down over a wood subfloor, much like installing a hardwood plank floor. Thicker floors can be sanded and refinished. Engineered wood floors thinner than 3/4" can be glued down, much like how you'd glue down a vinyl or resilient floor.

Why Choose Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring provides an advantage over solid hardwood because of the ease of installation throughout many surfaces in the home and additionally, may be more affordable than solid hardwood. Our unfinished products on this page give you the flexibility to choose the stain that will best match your home or business.  Find our pre-finished engineered flooring here.

This is especially true if you're considering an exotic wood floor as the exotic trees that need to be harvested go a lot further when only a thick veneer is used for each board needed. If sustainability is a priority of yours, we offer several certified, FSC® certified unfinished engineered flooring options below.

How We Do It

At Black's Farmwood, you can customize our flooring to your specifications or choose from our many pre-made engineered options. All of our engineered hardwood floors are sustainably harvested, made with non-toxic adhesives, non-toxic finishes and the plywood used for the core is CARB Phase 2 compliant.


What If I Want Reclaimed AND Engineered?

Love the look of reclaimed wood flooring but prefer an unfinished engineered option? Look no further! Black's Farmwood offers a few reclaimed, engineered hardwood flooring options totally customizable to your specific needs, such as our Select Reclaimed Tobacco Barn Oak, Reclaimed Wire Brushed Oak and Reclaimed Rough Face Tobacco Barn Oak


See Something You Like?

Contact us or call us at 415-454-8312 to discuss pricing or set up an appointment to visit our Petaluma showroom in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're outside of our area, we can send you samples and complete your purchase by phone.

Reclaimed Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring

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Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring

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