Reclaimed Redwood and Douglas Fir Siding

Redwood and Douglas Fir Siding are re-manufactured from reclaimed old-growth beams and boards. Large dimension western softwood timbers are sawn to spec to yield spectacular vintage wood siding.

We offer reclaimed redwood and Douglas fir siding in many different profiles (shiplap, square edge, T&G), and many different styles (wire brushed, old patina, select smooth, etc).


  • multiple profiles
  • 3/4" thickness
  • random widths 4"-6" and wide
  • random length 4'-12'
  • reclaimed wood characteristics (nail holes, mineral staining, insect scarring, natural color variation, etc.)
reclaimed wood wall paneling Indust DF

Reclaimed Redwood and Douglas Fir Siding Gallery

reclaimed douglas fir wall paneling redwood_siding_1 redwood_siding_2 redwood_siding_3 redwood_siding_4 redwood_siding_5 redwood_siding_6 dougfir_siding_9 dougfir_siding_8 dougfir_siding_6 dougfir_siding_5 dougfir_siding_3 dougfir_siding_1