Reclaimed Wood Siding and Paneling


Black's Farmwood offers naturally beautiful reclaimed wood paneling and siding that will bring out the best in your project! We source our reclaimed wall paneling and siding from a variety of de-constructed buildings that range from antique barns to industrial factories and warehouses. We process the raw reclaimed wood at our facility by de-nailing, sorting, and milling to specification, so that it is ready for a quick and easy installation once it arrives on your job site.

Choose from smooth urban character with aged brown patina or simple grey weathered boards. Our reclaimed wood paneling and siding has been used by many top retail locations such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Billabong Surf Shops to create a fun and relaxed modern shopping experience. Fine restaurants, craft breweries, and wineries use our reclaimed wood wall paneling to inspire a warm rustic atmosphere for their patrons to enjoy. Many of our residential clients choose to use our reclaimed wood paneling and siding to create a stunning interior accent wall or to clad the exterior of their house in exquisite naturally aged wood.

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Aged for over 100 years.

A warm and rustic addition.

Rustic, yet planed smooth.

Vintage siding sawn to spec.

From the interior of antique barns.